Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow!!its a super long week for me last week!!got alot of deadlines to meet..OB project,Public speaking project,focus demo recording,Cassandra birthday and Ethan birthday...

Don talk about OB And public Speaking project,cos its useless and super uninteresting to talk about.But i really do until i super tired until i almost die!!!

Focus recording was shit man!!!my voice haven't recover yet..then i keep cannot reach the pitch plus i cannot sing out the feel of the song...and the song is RENZHI by amei..its super tough..when i practice that time i can hit the original key..but then when i go recording..i need to lower 1 key and still cannot hit all the note can..I AM SUPER ANGRY WITH MYSELF!!!

Ethan Birthday was a huge first i really felt very bad cos i remembered promising ethan that i will make a good celebration for him..But i was really busy with school work and other stuff that i was only left with the last day to prepare his surprise..asked kevin to sms everyone to meet us at mushroom for the surprise..

seriously i think all popcorns are good actor and actresses man!!!but of cos my acting still the best one la!!we went to meet ethan at mushroom like nothing happen..then say we want to pei cassandra go KFC eat..its like a super typical popcorn gathering..AND ETHAN GOH PEI CHANG STEAL MY PHONE AND MAKE ME GAN JIONG!!!and he keep laughing at me can!!!But what i can say was..the sadness was all written on ethans face!!serious...see le abit heart birthday that time so loner like that..

then we say we go tamp for our POPCORN AGM was super deliberate to say that i want to eat bread and went to a cake shop..i knew it would make ETHAN THINK THAT WE GOING TO GET A CAKE FOR HIM..but haha!!i die die dont want to buy!!must got the super dissapointment factor for him this type of skin thick people!!

then we decided to give him his next dissapointment.(deliberate2)we started to look embarrass and ask shihua to take out the small birthday card for ethan followed by a soft birthday song..we followed by an explaination saying that we were really busy with projects and din't have time for his card..HIS FACE REALLY DUA SAD!!

and me and shihua was like being softhearted each minute..but we keep telling eachother must be tough so that he will have a memorable birthday!and huiya bee was very loser!!!she cried cause she was really sad to see ethan being so sad..but that was A PLUS MARK as ethan really started to believe that we didnt have a celebration that why huiya cried!!!

After that,me and shihua pretended to go to the toilet and we went to get a cake for ethan!!cheesecake!!his favourite!!!wanted to get greentea cake cos he totally hate that..but thats abit waste money!!sang a super loud birthday song but then the stupid guard chase us out!!

when to CPF building and here comes doug and kevin...but although we got him his SECOND CAKE OF HIS LIFE..he still abit sad cos we never give him big card...he somemore say he left a big space in his room for our card.!!So thickskin!!then when we brought out the super big card exactly the same as the small one..his face was filled with happiness..i think got tears lor!!showed everyone shihua's and my presentation..and ethan kenna cake smash by our doug..

i know your head is going to be super big and you will keep repeating this to me after i say this..
but i still have to say...i am so glad to have you as a and kevin was the one who brought me into popcorn and gave me so much happiness in this past few months..every friday is a day that i really look forward to because its where i see true friendship kept things from me which wasn't very pleasant to me when i first started in entertain me you talked and played with me...when i was really upset,you were there for me and cheered me up by scolding funny~ly at the person who made me told me so much about capricorn because of some reasons..encouraged me to go on..i really really appreciate it..without you..i won't be in popcorn,i won't be so blessed and happy...thankyou...i hope you enjoyed your birthday this year:)and i hope i did a great job for you:)

sophia ♥ at 10:50 PM

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In BCS lesson now..and its freaking boring..looking around me..most of them are playing Pet Society!!!wah!!like so cute i decided to go create 1 pet pet is called Bimbim..look out for him/her okay..i forget to check his/her sex!!opps!!and i think i am super supportive of my Bimbim cos went he/her go for race that time i keep cheering him/her on..Until cass totally cannot stand it and ask me not to talk when playing..

ya..i am blogging now cos she ask me to blog!!and partially cos i want to ask you guys some question..

can you still remember how to sing the 妈妈好 song?

i was in the bus when i suddenly thought about it,when is the last time you telll your mum that you love her?do we need to wait till its mothers' day?actually i find it very hard to tell my mum i love her..cos its like super mushy can..but how can we express it until its not mushy but tell her we love her?i really feel that we should tell them we love them as and when we can..althought i still cant do it la..but to think about it,the love that they give us its really so much more than we can why are there still people in the world who can bear to leave their parents in the old folks home without visiting them,unless your parents really suck until they treat you like shit la!!!

Digress,Digress...okay, so how to sing 妈妈好??

i try i try...





wah!!i can leh!!you guys try to sing k!!!childhood childhood!!!

and and..i was also thinking about boyfriend issue..actually whats so good about having a boyfriend?maybe cos i don have 1 before so i don know the benefits but i think having a boyfriend might make you lose your close friends..cos you always boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend until you make your friends all dl then they start to talk to you in the way that you also dl then in the end both party all dl so LL lor!!!and cass say its very ah lian talking like that but i think its super funny..cos its like tougue twister..

But since cass say its is!!so now,i shall talk with more class...yes,

sophia ♥ at 11:19 PM

Thursday, January 01, 2009
New Year Resolution

Hey guys,hows New year??my NY was really really fantastic man!!spend my time with Birthday clique and Nexo as well as Cassie!!

First thing New Year resolution!!

i think i have alot of things to write under New Year Resolution but i guess i should just cut short if not readers would be falling asleep..

1st)Find myself a boyfriend!!!

i find myself very loser lor like for the past 17 years i am not attach and i have to end up joining Nexo's Single Club!!!Sian!!but i was alittle happy(opps) when i heard that our president is single for 20 years!!woohoo!!Zai!!!

P.S:Congrats to Kent man..recently saw him and chel was like telling me that kent is attached and i think the girl quite good looking!!!

2nd)To sing super duper well!!!

Seriously i think my singing hasn't improve much and i think i should do something about it..i keep promising myself i will spend more time on my singing,but then i end up just spending my time in front of the computer..Oh and recently i lost my voice and now after recovery i stll think my voice very man!!SHIT!!!!

3rd)earn more money!!!

without money i will die!!!i am super short of cash this few weeks and its super rare for such a money saver like me!!!aiya!!must be siewwan jie and cassie influence me one la!!hahaaha!!so i decided to take up part-time job as and when i have the time!!!
4th)Keep going out with my clique

i think this should be the most important point can..once when i was in the bus alone,emoing,i thought,what if my friends all left me when i need them?i think i will be super depress then i will just end up going to everyone and sing new year song to them!!(random)
but seriously i think i can't live without my friends..althought there is my family members around,but its quite sad to only have 1 or 2 friends right?

To think about it,i am quite fortunate to have so much nice friends around me who are able to stand(okay..they can also sit)my nonsense and keep letting me go crazy around them(or maybe they like my entertainment?opps!)
ya!i am super comfortable with my life now,and i am super fortunate that i am in my birthday clique(Sec friend)..ya cos there was one period when i totally lost contact with them and i felt like a super loser!!!but thanks to edwin who started to invite me to the outing and soon i am in the clique!woohoo!!!

Himbo Bimbo!!i will never forget you guys alright?you guys are like the best and the lamest polyfriends that i ever meet!!like..i had a davinci!!and luke gor wo gen ni shuo!!its all so classic can!!i hope we will soon have a real real himbo bimbo outing!!!

Popcorn!!how do i live wiithout you??this clique is really fantastic!!we have been constantly going out for dinner every friday and the bond that we have is so much more than i expected..can you believe it?going out every friday for for tha half a year??i don know how i did it!!but i just did!!you guys really left alot of great memories for me!!

i think i should just stop here..i write 4 resolution already take up so much space..the other resolution shall stay in my heart forever and ever amen!!!

sophia ♥ at 10:22 PM

Monday, December 29, 2008

She just found herself a sister!!!Congratulation!!!

sophia ♥ at 2:35 AM

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello Hello Hello Hello!!welcome to my blog:)
i must say..i got too many bo liao cliques ready!!got SINGLE CLUB,BB,XIAODINGTONG FROM NEXO!!but nevermind..i like!and and and!!!i am turning charcoal!!!!! did you celebrate your christmas??
as usual,my family will have a mass gathering for Christmas..cos got present take more ppl will turn up!!serious lor...afew of my family member quite kiasu one,its only when there is free food free gift then they will appear:)

but anyway..i thought this year would be a boring year again(last year was so boring that i think i went to sleep)..but i am wrong!!!alot alot alot of ppl turn up..and there were 3 guest..
the food were super delicious..but i didnt eat much..keep feeling like i am going to vomit soon:)

Some of my relative slacking in the afternoon...
my niece and i!!i trying to catch her..cos she don like taking pictures..

the 2 guest are in the is my bros gf and one my bros friend..and gf keep trying to matchmake my cousin and bro friend
first row from top-chio bu aunties
second row from top-cute nieces
The food!!!

see..i am one of the kiasu one who is so excited about presents..but i not bad hor!!got contribute to buy presents okay!!!

my most most darling cousin and i
yea man!!we rox!!

my sister and i

opps..the brown shirt one is my brothers 青梅竹马 but then the black one is my brother

see..i told you we are having alot of fun right?

my sister trying very hard to act cute!!
look at my lightstick ear-ring

family photos
i look toot her!!

sophia ♥ at 9:22 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!!woohoo!!!

sophia ♥ at 7:59 AM

Sunday, December 21, 2008
I When Cycling!!!

had a 百分百 gathering and it was really super duper fun!!To go against the tradition of going to kbox..we decided to go east coast park for quite retarded because as you know,your friend over here knows how to cycle but doesnt know how to turn!!and after yesterday!!i realise that i don know how to brake too!!IDIOT!!!

But nevertheless i agreed on cycling because its 2 against 1 la!!both of them say its their birthday so bo bian i must agree!!!!but not bad la..i ps also ps infront of them...anyway they also wont laugh at me wat!!

so we cycle and cycle and i realise i am not bad in cycling leh!!i can turn lor!!just that i super kan jiong only!!and we had our 百分百 shareholders meeting!!!and we decided to take in people who love singing chinese songs and making new can join us!!!

anyway..with my sub-standard cycling skill..i am bound to have some accident one la!!and i bang into one malay guy lor!!but its not my fault!!i shall explain to all of you!!!anyway i suffer from some cut and perhaps some internal injuries!!!and eugin also quite retarded..cos he got no accident..but also got injury..

after cycling..we went Arnolds
the only thing that i can say is SUPER DUPER NICE!!!!and jiaying made some cookies for us and its good...just that i am unhappy she didnt give me bob the builder!!she give me dora can!!i don like that character cos she so black like cassie wassie!!!!!!ahahahaa!!!and jiaying give me so little!!!i want to complain!!

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